Modra hiša has a manned reception desk with certified security personnel for 24 hours a day all year round. Friendly yet dedicated guards are familiar with employees, kindly welcome and monitor all visitors, and an additional guard monitors and organizes traffic and parking around the building.

Sprinkler fire protection system, which is considered as the most reliable and efficient, is installed throughout the building and underground garage areas.

The reception desk keeps our semi-automatic defibrillator ready, together with a list of trained volunteers and medical professionals who work in Morda hiša.

Each office space has sensors mounted on the ceiling which provide data about local temperature and movement to our central control system. Combined with local user's desired settings, the system controls local cooling and heating, intensity of ventilation and lights switching thus contributing to more economical running expenses.

The quality of office space environment is also improved with filtered air free from allergens and pollutants, which can be completely changed in one room up to 4 times within one hour.